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Labour Law

Labour law is a complex legal area in South Africa. It is essential, for both employers and employees, that the correct contractual and policy documents are in place which would cover an array of employee rights and entitlements. Companies of all sizes require specialist and practical legal advice and guidance on a wide range of labour law issues.

Estates & Trusts

When a person dies, it is the duty of his or her executor to determine the financial position of the estate as soon as possible. If the total debt of the estate is larger that the total value of the assets in the estate, the estate is insolvent and thus administered under Section 34 of the Administration of Estates Act 66 of 1965.


For a proper understanding of the philosophy of the South African Law of debt collecting, it is first of all necessary to have a broad understanding of the rights of debtors and creditors.

Property Law & Conveyancing

Marais Müller Hendricks has a well-established Conveyancing and Property Law practice attending to property transfers and bond registrations for individuals as well as commercial clients.

Intellectual Property Law

When creating a brand name, logo or slogan that is original and by your own design, it is important to register it as a trademark in order to avoid theft of your intellectual property.

Personal Injury Claims

At Marais Müller Hendricks our personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys offer aggressive legal representation to individuals, and family members of those killed or injured as a result of the reckless, careless, or negligent conduct of others. Our personal injury team is highly regarded for its specialist experience in defending and pursuing personal injury claims.

After Hour Bail Applications

Marais Müller Hendricks have a dedicated and professional team to attend to afterhours bail applications.

A dedicated number is assigned to this service which can be contacted directly or via whatsapp / sms on 076 247 6314.


By now every business owner has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have already been forced to make an application for relief funding or found yourself in the unenviable position of having to lay-off your employees.

Commercial Law

Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, trade, commerce, sales, and consumer transactions. Commercial law covers numerous issues of law, such as contracts, banking, insolvency, credit transactions, real estate and others. We at Marais Müller Hendricks understand and are passionate about the emerging market and opportunities in which we work.

Liquor Law

The Liquor Laws are governed by the Liquor Act, 1989 (Act 27 of 1989) and any person who micro-manufactures or sells liquor for retail purposes in the Western Cape, requires a liquor licence issued by the Western Cape Liquor Board to do so.

Aviation Law

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is an agency of the Department of Transport with specific authority to promote, regulate, support, enforce and continuously improve levels of safety and security throughout the civil aviation industry.

Family Law

Our services in Family Law include inter alia divorce matters, custody, maintenance, anti- and post nuptial agreements, civil unions and cohabitation agreements, care and contact towards minors, protection orders and general family law advice.


Marais Müller Hendricks Inc has extensive experience in advising clients on utilising the liquidation or sequestration process as an effective tool in debt and asset recovery. We represent major banks, large corporate institutions as well as medium and small businesses in applications to liquidate companies or close corporations and to sequestrate the estates of insolvent individuals or trusts.


South Africa is a constitutional democracy that adheres to the Rule of Law, meaning that all people are subject to the same laws of justice. Litigation involves the legal process for settling those disputes or claims between and amongst natural persons, juristic persons and the State that requires objective determination.