Intellectual Property Law

When creating a brand name, logo or slogan that is original and by your own design, it is important to register it as a trademark in order to avoid theft of your intellectual property.

The registration of your enterprise does not give you protection to use your name as a trademark. To protect your trademark you need to lodge a separate application for the trademark registration.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a brand name, a slogan, a logo or any combination thereof that you use in trade to distinguish your business and the goods you sell or the services you provide from the goods or services of others.

Registration of a trademark will present the following benefits for your business:

  • You can be sure that no one else will be allowed to use your trademark in relation to your specific business and will protect your reputation in, and rights to, your trademark;
  • Use of your trademark can be licensed to others, thus creating franchising opportunities;
  • Trademarks are an important tool for building a company's reputation; and
  • Trademarks play a vital roll in the branding and marketing strategies of companies.